Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Cosmic Bicycle (1972)

I*HATE*THIS*FILM's Vimeo channel is a source of many wonders.  As a fan of collagist Sätty's work, I was pretty excited to experience IHTF's most recent upload, The Cosmic Bicycle (1972), with art and design by Sätty and an early electronic score by Parasound, inc. a.k.a. Beaver & Krause.

Some screenshots:

The film is available for viewing and download at IHTF's aforementioned Vimeo site:

The cosmic bicycle (1972) from I•HATE•THIS•FILM on Vimeo.

I'm drawn to the mix of the sinister and the whimsical (epitomized by the theme that accompanies shots of the bicycle as it makes its cosmic journey).